Our environmental commitment starts at the top

We have a genuine commitment to operate our business in an environmentally sustainable manner, with a vision of not only providing, but improving our environment for the enjoyment of generations to come. Changing weather conditions are a well-documented reality and whether or not global warming is ‘inevitable’ we will continue to do everything viable to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Janitorial and housekeeping divisions are utilizing Buffalo Bag degradable garbage bags that break down much faster than regular plastic bags

Our paper products in our public washrooms and hotel rooms come from recycled products

Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and as they need to be replaced we are upgrading to waterless urinals and dual flush toilets.


  • “Don't throw in the towel” program for hotel guests. Our laundry detergents are non-toxic
  • Hotel soap and shampoos are produced by a local company that promotes and sells only environmentally responsibly responsible products
  • Styrofoam take out containers have been replaced with others that are 100% biodegradable.

Inside our buildings

  • Our repair shop can wax your skis with an all-natural bees wax product called Green Wax (while we can’t guarantee you will be faster than your friends, you will be releasing less fluorocarbons into the atmosphere)
  • In our offices and around the village you will always find a blue recycle bin next to a garbage can.
  • Staff members are encouraged to not print off emails
  • Our annual print run of resort brochures has reduced from 120,000 brochures last year to 80,000 this year. Everyone but Wayside Press is happy about that… Wayside helps us by printing the brochure in an FSC certified process again making small decisions to go green wherever possible
  • In our marketing the advent of eblasts, e-newsletters and blogs have allowed communication without the environmental impact.
  • We have also installed timers and motion sensors in many of our office and public spaces, further reducing our usage.


  • Our lifts run on electricity - we are working with BC Hydro to reduce our consumption where we can.
  • We have changed incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents, T12 to T8, PAR lamps to LED, taking a 60 watt fixture that you see in a retail setting and bringing it down to 16 watts.
  • We are famous for our quaint village and the twinkly light - those are now all LED lights.
  • Building cross drains to manage the run off as the snow melts
  • There is a great focus on hydro seeding and re-vegetation of any disturbed soil to aid in erosion control. Much of the seeding is with a specially prepared seed mix of all native vegetation that is often picked by hand.
  • Our mountain bike trails are all built to the internationally recognized IMBA standard ensuring they do not cause erosion like you may find out in uncontrolled areas of the forest.

In the Shop

  • 2 stroke snowmobiles have all been replaced with 4 stroke models that produce fewer emissions
  • Implementation of an anti-idling campaign with our heavy equipment
  • We encourage the use of a staff bus and carpooling for our staff traveling from town
  • We have added a particulate exhaust system to our dump truck, and paid very close attention to meeting and exceeding standards for fuel containment at our refueling stations.
  • Where our heavy equipment sees regular maintenance we have installed an oil / water separator. As the snow melts and mixes with the oils and greases on the equipment it could all just end up going down the storm drains, but the separator keeps the oil for correct disposal