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Australia Day 2014

FROM Jan, 26 - 08:30 am TO Jan, 26 - 09:30 am

Grab your thongs, green & golds and baggy greens for a fair dinkum, you beaut ripper of a time and a good old chin wag with your rellies and mates. We'll spark the barbie and chuck on some snags with 'mato sauce. Oh, grab your togs for the annual bikini run on the mountain. Later on, the local watering hole will be full of golden ale, blokes and sheilas - just leave the ankle biters and wet blankets at home. All brickies, sparkies, chippies, pipe benders, bikies and bogans welcome.

Translation: "Gather your flip flops and Australian attire (including green hats traditionally worn by the Australian cricket team) for a truthfully fantastic and wonderful time while having a conversation with your relatives (family) and friends. We'll light the BBQ and cook some Australian sausages with tomato sauce (ketchup). Be sure to bring your bathing suit for the annual bikini run on the mountain. In the evening the Saloon with have plenty of refreshing beverages as well as ladies and gentleman - just be sure to leave any children and anyone who may dampen a good night at home. All brick layers, electricians, builders, plummers, bikers and anyone who takes little pride in their appearance are all welcome."

Happy Australia Day

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