Opening June 26, 2014.

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game.  The aim of the game is to try to locate hidden containers, which we have placed around the mountain at Silver Star, called geocaches while using GPS-enabled tools.  What you need is a map of the area, a GPS hand held unit and a sense of adventure.  Silver Star will have GPS units for rent when you visit the mountain to participate.  For more information on Geocaching please click here:

GPS units can be rented from Ski Dazzle for $25 (this includes your GPS info book and Geocache descriptions)

Silver Star Geocaches
4 caches have been placed at Silver Star by a local Geocacher. Please respect the hiding spots and caches and keep with the spirit of Geocaching by leaving them as close to how you found them as possible.

Novice Caches:

Village Micro
N 50° 21.520 W 119° 03.625
A micro near the Village is found out near parking lot B.
This is a winter-friendly little (very little) cache just down the road from the village.  Access may be tricky in the winter with huge snow banks, so if you’re searching in the summer think about where snow banks are formed.  Summer’s a piece of cake for access, just be aware that you’re right beside what is sometimes a very busy road.  This is a “micro cache” so keep that in mind when you are searching.  All you will need when you find this cache is a pen or pencil to note that you were there. You’ll have to undo the container to remove it from its attachment.

On Brewer’s Pond
N 50° 21.390 W 119° 03.712
This cache is a Nalgene bottle near Brewer’s Pond (located near FireLight Lodge and parking lot D)
You can access this cache from several directions, but please do not cut between the homes on Monashee Rd, as that would involve crossing private property.  This cache contains standard contents for caching and a logbook. Be sure to put the cache back in a location where it can’t easily be seen (even when the snow melts). A reminder (after a couple of problems)...please don’t leave any food in caches. Enjoy!

Challenging Caches:

N 50° 22.460 W 119° 03.464
Ski to the cache in the winter, X-C and alpine trails are nearby. A summer hiking trail intersects a popular mountain bike trail at this location. For your safey, please stay off the mountain bike trails. There are lots of ways to get here, I hope you enjoy the way you choose! By the way, there were a lot of snow patches in the woods just a bit further up the mountain from this location on the day the cache was placed...July 10th! We tried to find this one…hopefully your luck is better than ours.

What goes up…
N 50° 22.072 W 119° 03.932
An ammo box at top of the mountain
This year-round cache is either fairly easy or fairly hard depending on the season and what mode of transportation you take.  If one takes the Summit chairlift (runs Fri, Sat and Sun during summer oprations) then you can access this cache quite quickly.  However, one can also take a nice hike up one of our hiking trails (Village View or Milky Way for example, both take roughly 45min-an hour to reach the Summit).
PLEASE stay on marked trails. There is no need to go off trail until you’re right at the cache, and that is on rocky ground, and only a couple of steps.