Mountain Bike Signage

  Trail Description
Beginner Trails Beginner trails are the easiest mountain bike trails at the resort and some are also multi-use trails, meaning that you may encounter people walking or running. The trail surface varies from wide paved paths to wide gravel paths, and wide grassy double or single track. 
Intermediate Trails These trails vary from 6 feet wide, smooth as butter and bermed to mellow single track running through the forest. These trails will not be steep but could have the occasional feature either dirt or wood. They will offer a challenge to the beginner but they will be fun for anyone; a great warm up for the advanced rider. 
Advanced Trails Generally steeper than your intermediate trails. Advanced trails will have both wood and dirt features such as jumps, drops, step ups, step downs, teeter totters, sky bridges and anything else our trail crew can construct in the forest; look for big wooden berms and walls. These trails are intermediate friendly as there will be an easy way around for every feature. BE AWARE OF FAST RIDERS. 
Expert Trails These trails could have just about anything as far as features go, both wooden and dirt. What makes them a cut above the rest is steep, gnarly, natural terrain such as rock faces, and exposed roots.

We rate our summer trails using familiar symbols.