Early Bird Season's Passes on Sale!

Submitted by Ian on Fri, 27/04/2012 - 8:50 am

Season’s Passes on Sale Now!!!

Are you stoked for summer yet, because we sure are!  We’ve got lots of awesome stuff lined up for the summer, like an early season bonus weekend (June 23/24), Elevate Mountain Bike Camp run by Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter and Graham Agassiz (July 2-6), a BC Cup race weekend (July 21/22), extended play FRIDAY NIGHTS, a Mountain Bike Festival and Slopestyle (August 25/26) just to name a few.  We’re not bragging…but it’s going to be a rocking summer!  And right now is the first step, season pass sales!

We at Silver Star have been changing systems for tickets so our season’s passes did not go on sale as early as usual so we apologize.  However, they are ready to go now and the best part is that Early Bird prices have not changed!!!!  So many items, like gas (and that is a whole different rant that I could get on) keep increasing in price no matter what.  However, here at Silver Star Bike Park you can ride the season for $309 an adult, the same Early Bird price for the last three seasons.  Early Bird is available up until MAY 31st.  Starting June 1st prices increase to regular season pricing, so don’t delay!  Save money and buy Early Bird!

You can click here to be taken to the season’s pass forms and pricing.  EARLY BIRD.  We look forward to seeing you guys up here soon!  Think warm thoughts to melt this snow.


Enjoy the ride,